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The Hack Squat is our latest addition here at the Trainstation 


So what are the benefits? well the Hack Squat is very beneficial in gaining strength in your lower legs especially the quads. They are great for beginners as the machine has little room for error so you can concentrate on your legs without worrying so much about core and stability like the squat. The movement also allows you to go heavier by removing the instability of a bar or dumbbell. It has multi positioned range adjusters and various start positions to suit every user. So if you really want to fire up your lower body then come and give it a go!


Take your cardio to the next level
with the Assault Runner Pro!



This treadmill is like nothing

you have ever used before

helping you burn 30% extra calories

then average motorised versions.

Push yourself has hard as you want

with no max speed settings. If you

want to ramp up your cardio and are

serious about running then come and

give it a try. 

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